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506 Hertha, Hertha, Hertha BSC You tell em! Playlist
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1929 Schafer... Referring to Nuremberg's keeper - Schaefer Playlist
4040 We Sing Oh Hertha BSC Is this singing 'we love you Hertha?' not sure - can you let us know! Cheers Playlist
5412 Shalala (Clap) Hertha BSC Loud and clear Playlist
6233 Hertha! Classic fanchant of Hertha Playlist
6930 Pal Dardai Chant for the coach of Hertha BSC Pál Dárdai Playlist
8136 If Hertha's Playing There's One Aim Top Hertha ringtone for your mobile Playlist
8190 Schafer Is a Son of A... Not keen on him! Playlist
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8886 The BSC Is Here Again Another great sound - "here" is referring to the 1st division after promotion Playlist
9016 Shalala Hertha BSC A classic when it comes to football songs! Playlist
10279 Everyone's Waiting Love this one - Hertha's main anthem Playlist
10953 In Berlin by the River Spree There's ONLY Hertha BSC... Playlist
11649 Ohhhh Hey! Budedbuded... Playlist
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Jeder, der uns spielen sieht, hat schnell erkannt, ja ihr werdet seh'n, wir spielen euch alle an die Wand. Wenn unser Lied erklingt und unsere Fahnen seh'n, werden wir Hertha wieder siegen seh'n. Scha la lala la la la la la.

Everyone who sees us playing (football) realises quickly, yes you gonna see, we outplay all of you. When our song sounds and our flags are waving we are going to see Hertha win!
Hertha-supporter Hertha BSC Sat 10 May '14  · Re: Shalala (Clap) Hertha BSC  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Korrektur: ...unsere Fahnen weh'n, werden.... (war ein Tippfehler):-) Hertha-supporter Hertha BSC Sat 10 May '14  · Re: Shalala (Clap) Hertha BSC  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Pal Dardai oohohooo
Pal Dardai oohohooo
Morix Hertha BSC Fri 9 May '14  · Re: Pal Dardai  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Wow, triple ;-) ! Knueppel Hertha BSC Tue 7 Jan '14  · Re: Kniet Nieder, Wenn Die Hauptstadt ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
This is the text:
Hurra hurra, wir sind die Aufstiegskolonne und wir sind wieder da. (German)
Hurray hurray, we are the promotion column and we are here again.
BSCandCFC Hertha BSC Fri 1 Jun '12  · Re: Wir Sind Die Aufstiegskolonne  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Not schalalalala but "Hertha Hertha Hertha BSC" BSCandCFC Hertha BSC Sat 18 Feb '12  · Re: BSC  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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