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This club is a cult, their left wing fans are famous throughout the world

69 To the Wepaons Classic Playlist
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1384 Hell Hell Tivoli A chant against Alemania Playlist
2080 Ole Super Hamburg St. Pauli At the Millerntor Playlist
2083 Anti-social Ticks A classic St Pauli song sung by St Pauli fans about themselves. An alternative crew! Playlist
2123 Sankt Pauli! St Pauli Ringtone anyone? Playlist
2345 Nana Magic FC The magic Pauli fans! Playlist
2819 To the Weapons Lent from the French! Playlist
5344 Joy, Beautiful Football Magic Apologies for the rough translation! Playlist
6040 In My Dreams :) Playlist
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6737 We Get the Cup Hasn't quite worked out for us yet! Playlist
7003 Die Freibueter Der Liga Not sure on the lyrics Playlist
7192 On the Reeperbahn at Night to Halbeins A true classic about St. Pauli's amusement street Playlist
9015 Brown and White Allez Brown & white Playlist
9057 Alemania, You Lose A Fanchant against Alemania Aachen Playlist
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Aux Armes!
Aux Armes!
Nous sommes Sankt Pauli!
Et nous allons gagner!
Allez braun-weiß!
Allez braun-weiß!
marianoju St Pauli Tue 1 Nov '16  · Re: Aux Armes  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
FORZA SANKT PAULI CheDan99 Inverness Tue 1 Jul '14  · Re: We Follow  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
We love you Persib, we do !
We love you Persib, we do !
We love you Persib, we do !
Oh, Persib we love you !
Acil Sun 8 Jun '14  · Re: We Love St Pauli We ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
perfect chants "FORZA PERSIB"
Acil Sun 8 Jun '14  · Re: We Follow  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Good SOng aflah.naufal West Ham Mon 10 Jun '13  · Re: We Follow  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Celtic and St Pauli UNITED ryando360 Celtic Wed 27 Mar '13  · Re: We Follow  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
nice chants *FORZA PERSIJA* mahaniza Persija Jakarta Tue 12 Feb '13  · Re: We Follow  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Hi Letal. You can see the native lyrics for any chant by selecting that language from the top right of any page. For ease though, for this chant, they are these: Wir sind Zecken,
Asoziale Zecken,
Wirschlafen unter Bruecken,
Oder in der Bahnhofsmission...
polandenglishenglish Śląsk Wrocław Sun 22 Apr '12  · Re: Asoziale Zecken  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
I need the german lyrics for this song if possible please. Thanks for uploading.
letal-07-2 Sat 21 Apr '12  · Re: Asoziale Zecken  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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